Joan Bertran-San Millán, PhD.

Joan Bertran-San Millán, PhD.

I studied Philosophy at the University of Barcelona (BA, 2009), where I did my MA (2010) and my PhD (2016) with a dissertation on Gottlob Frege’s logic. I have been lecturer at the University of Barcelona (2016).

My research is focused on the history of early mathematical logic. I am also interested in history and philosophy of mathematics, theories of truth and history of philosophy.

In my dissertation I offer a novel reconstruction of the logic developed by Frege throughout his career, with a focus on Begriffsschrift (1879). Specifically, I argue that the logic developed by Frege in 1879 is not a second-order formal system. I am currently working on a historical and philosophical analysis of the formalization of logic in late nineteenth century. In particular, the focus of my research is the relationship between Frege's and Peano's developments in mathematical logic.

About Project

The aim of the project is to develop a formalization of epistemology in analogy to Frege’s formalization of logic. The core of the project centers around five theses setting out the path to a truly formal epistemology. These theses are based on a deeply held belief that the current trend in the formalization of epistemology is not radical enough.

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