Mathematical Language and the Changing Concept of Physical Reality / Monograph chapter

Kvasz, L. New Approaches to Scientific Realism. Berlin: De Gruyter, 2020 - (Gonzales, W.), s. 206-227. Epistemic studies, 42. ISBN 978-3-11-066246-7; ISBN 978-3-11-066473-7


Structural realism is an answer to the challenge posed for realism by the argument from the pessimistic meta-induction (Laudan 1981). It attempts to combine scientific realism with the existence of scientific revolutions in arguing that the mathematical structure of a scientific theory is preserved in the course of a scientific revolution. Structural realists maintain that this structure is the basis of the theory’s grip on reality. In the present paper I argue in favor of structural realism by addressing the questions of why the mathematical structure of a theory should be preserved and what kind of mathematical structure is actually preserved.

About Project

The aim of the project is to develop a formalization of epistemology analogous to Frege’s formalization of logic. The core of the project centres upon five theses setting out the path to a truly formal epistemology. These theses are based on the deeply-held belief that the current trend in the formalization of epistemology is insufficiently radical.

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