Prostor mezi geometrií a malířstvím / Monograph

Space between geometry and painting: the development of the understanding of space in geometry and of its representation in painting from the Renaissance to the 20th century
KVASZ, Ladislav. 
Prostor mezi geometrií a malířstvím: vývoj pojetí prostoru v geometrii a jeho zobrazování v malířství od renesance po 20. století. Přeložil Barbora KAMRLOVÁ. V Praze: Slovart, 2020. ISBN 978-80-7529-915-4.

How did Renaissance painters construct the depth of space? How did El Greco evoke the feeling of presence of the depicted figures in the space in front of the painting? Can Cubism free objects from their captivity in space? The book not only answers these questions, but also provides a clear and sufficiently exhaustive explanation of key episodes in the development of modern geometry. It shows how abstract and often complicated mathematical ideas were expressed in painting in a concrete, illustrative and intuitively understandable form. For historians of art and for fine art lovers, the book provides a new, mathematical perspective on paintings from Lorenzetti, Leonardo, Caravaggio, Velázquez, Manet, Cézanne, Picasso, or Kupka, which they know well. In turn, the connection between the history of geometry and the history of painting gives mathematicians the opportunity to enrich the interpretation of the history of this mathematical discipline with a new context. The interpretation of geometric tricks used in the creation of individual paintings, the reproduction of which the book brings, offers practical means for the interpretation of other works of art.

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